Meng's Biography


In January 2023, I received the Distinguished Young Scholars of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Overseas).

In March 2022, I joined College of Engineering (CoE) at PKU as an Assistant Professor.

In May 2018, I joined Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) at Renningen as a research scientist, specialized in Reinforcement Learning and AI-based Planning.

In March 2017, I came back to KTH as a Postdoc associate, working with Prof. Dimos V. Dimarogonas.

In March 2016, I joined Duke University, as a Postdoc associate, working with Prof. Michael M. Zavlanos.

During 2017-2018, I received EuRobotics George Giralt PhD Award 2017 - Finalist and European Embedded Control Institute (EECI) PhD Award 2017 - Finalist in recognition of my PhD Thesis work.

In January 2016, I received my Doctoral degree from KTH.

During April-July, 2015, I worked at GRITS Lab of Georgia Tech, Atlanta, as a visiting scholar. Supervised by Prof. Magnus Egerstedt.

In August 2011, I joined the Automatic Control Lab at the School of Electrical Engineering in KTH as a graduate student. My supervisors are Prof. Karl Henrik Johansson and Prof. Dimos V. Dimarogonas. My research mainly relates to distributed control of multi-agent networks.

In June 2011, I received the M.Sc. degree within the programme System, Control and Robotics from KTH.

In August 2006, I became a Bachelor student in Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), three years after which I was selected as an exchange student to KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

I was born in December 1988 at Hubei, China.

Past News

  • Mar. 1: Contact me if you are interested in a summer/thesis project in my research area.

  • Feb. 22: I joined College of Engineering (CoE) at PKU as an Assistant Professor.

  • We have an industrial PhD position open on ‘‘Hybrid and Geometric Optimization for Robotics", see here

  • Good health and take care.

  • Dec. 10 - Dec. 15: Attend CDC 2016. Las Vegas, USA.

  • Oct. 3: Released a Python implementation of reciprocal velocity obstacle (RVO) for Multi-agent systems RVO_Py_MAS.

  • Sep. 7: Released a Python-based interface between multiple iRobots and OptiTrack Py_iRobot_OptiTrack.

  • July 20: Software P_MDP_TG released, for planning of Markov Decision Processes under temporal goals and risk constraints!

  • May 16-20: Presented a paper at ICRA16, Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Mar. 15: Please visit my new personal page at Duke.

  • Mar. 1: I joined Duke University, as a Postdoc associate, working with Prof. Michael M. Zavlanos.

  • Feb. 15 - Feb. 21: visited the Control System Lab at NTUA, Athens, Greece.

  • Jan. 22: I successfully defend my PhD thesis. Opponent: Calin Belta from Boston University.

  • Dec. 10 - Dec. 13: Presented a paper at CDC 2013. Florence, Italy.

  • Nov. 2 - Nov. 9: Presented a paper at IROS 2013. Tokyo, Japan. Visited Prof. Ishikawa Lab and shook probably the fastest hands :)

  • May 6 - May 10: Presented a paper at ICRA 2013. Karlsruhe, Germany. Really cool experience!

  • April 16 - April 19: LCCC Workshop, Formal Verification of Embedded Control Systems. Lund University, Sweden.

  • April 4 - April 5: RECONFIG's kick-off meeting at KTH CVAP.

  • March 1: a new EU Project RECONFIG (Cognitive, Decentralized Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems via Reconfigurable Task Planning) got started, coordinated by Prof. Dimos V.Dimarogonas.

  • Dec. 10- Dec. 17: Presented a paper at the 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference(CDC-ECC 2011), Orlando, FL, USA.

  • Aug. 1: Started as a PhD student at Automatic Control Lab.